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Here at Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists Ltd, we take great pride in the extensive range of tree surgery services we offer. We work closely with domestic and commercial clients on work such as crown reductions, lifting and thinning, tree felling and stump grinding. With a combination of experience and expertise, we have swiftly earned a reputation as one of the Fleet area’s premier tree surgeons. If you’re looking for a trusted, proven tree specialist to handle your arboricultural work, look no further than Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists.


As tree surgeons that work with 100% customer satisfaction as a priority, we understand the importance of clear and honest communication. For the benefit of our new and returning clients, we have listed below some of the many reasons why property and business owners continue to choose us as their tree surgeons.






With a multitude of HSE legislation to adhere to and powerful machinery to operate, tree surgery services hold inherent risks for even the most diligent of tree surgeons. As such, property owners in Fleet naturally look for experience when choosing their tree specialist. Here at Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists our small team shares 13 years of trade and industry experience.


Quite simply, when it comes to every form of tree surgery, be it directional tree felling or stump grinding work, we offer the ultimate peace of mind. Having completed each of our services countless times, we deliver the kind of reliability that only comes from time-served professionals.



As far as our customers are concerned, industry-leading credentials provide the ideal complement to the practical experience of a tree specialist. Any form of certification or qualification from a nationally recognised body demonstrates that the company at hand has had their methods and results externally assessed to the very highest of standards.


The tree surgeons at Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists proudly hold both NPTC and NVQ qualifications. Our clients in Fleet can rest assured that our adherence to safety, including the way we operate machinery, always remains at optimal standards.



In order to successfully, and safely, remove a tree stump, property owners need to hire tree surgeons fully trained in stump grinding. Through the use of heavy-duty stump grinding machinery, we grind the stump to a safe level below the soil line where it decomposes out of sight. With the tree stump gone, property owners in Fleet can finally undertake landscaping and building projects without any limitations.


While it’s always advisable to conduct stump grinding immediately after tree felling, we recognise that that isn’t always possible. However, no matter how old the stump, and regardless of the access and terrain, as a proven tree specialist we have the expertise to rid any property of these dangerous eyesores.



As with every tree surgery service we undertake, tree felling requires the strictest compliance with HSE regulations. In order to successfully bring a tree down, we need to ensure guaranteed safety for the public, property in the proximity, transport infrastructure and our own team of tree surgeons.


Tree felling comes in two forms: directional felling and sectional dismantling. We perform the former in wide open spaces that allow for the safe felling of a whole tree. In order to achieve this, we meticulously plan which direction the tree should fall to maximise safety. Our team carries out the latter in built-up areas of Fleet and the surrounding areas where there isn’t enough room to safely bring a tree down whole. In these cases, we climb the tree and, from the top down, remove segments, branches and limbs, lowering them safely to the ground via a rigging system.

Call 07718 125 646 or 07538 501 503 for more information regarding any of our tree surgery services in Fleet.

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call today on 07718 125646 call today on 07718 125646
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