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Stump Grinding


​We offer complete in house stump grinding services in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.  With our narrow machines we can get through even the narrowest of garden gateways.

Tree Stumps


After a tree is felled the stump remains, depending on the species these stumps can often grow back producing new growth. This can often lead to further work in the future.

As stumps decay they can also become rather unsightly, whilst also harbouring decay fungi growing on the stump. This can lead to trees within close proximity of the stump becoming infected with the same decay fungi.

Stump Grinding


This is the most common and effective method of removing stumps.

The stumps are ground out below ground level. This removes all of the major root network, freeing up more space in the garden and reducing the chance of decay fungi.




In our role as your tree surgeons of choice, we provide stump grinding services that follow these essential steps:


  1. Depending on the condition of the stump and surrounding terrain, one of our tree surgeons may cut the stump as close to ground level as possible with a chainsaw. In most cases, this leaves us with a stump a few inches above the soil line.

  2. Having selected the most appropriate stump grinding machine for the job ahead of time, we now move into place over the stump. As reputable tree surgeons, we work with a range of machinery that can tackle any terrain and fit through an average garden gate.

  3. We then engage the cutter head, a wheel equipped with carbon-tipped teeth offset at varying angles. When engaged, this wheel spins at high speed, grinding down the surface of the stump. For the utmost safety, we place protective guarding around the stump grinding site to prevent damage caused by flying wood chips.

  4. This process continues until we reach the depth agreed with our clients in Fleet, Farnham and beyond during the initial consultation. For the majority of stump grinding work, this depth ranges between 20cm and 40cm below the soil line. The final figure depends on the specific requirements of the project at hand. For example, customers intending on laying foundations for building work need a deeper service than those who plan to lay turf.

  5. Following the completion of stump grinding, our personnel backfill the resulting hole with the collected wood chippings. This nutrient-rich mulch not only helps to break down the remaining stump below the soil line, it can also be used elsewhere in the garden too.


As customer-focused tree surgeons, we’re always happy to answer any questions or offer advice to our customers in Fleet, Farnham and other nearby locations at any point during the stump grinding process.


We understand that stump grinding often represents a step in a wider landscaping or building project. As such, we lay superior groundwork so that whatever step follows, it has the chance to run as smoothly and efficiently as our own service.


Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists Ltd also provides a complete range of tree surgery services.

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