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Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists Ltd provides an extensive range of tree surgery services to suit the needs of our domestic and commercial clients. Located in Farnham, we carry out work as a tree specialist in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot and neighbouring locations in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. As tree surgeons, we share 13 years of trade and industry experience as well as holding NPTC and NVQ qualifications, so our clients can rest assured that we have the expertise to undertake any kind of arboricultural work. From problem tree removal to locations with access issues, we remain the trusted tree surgeons for every situation.


Our tree surgery services include:

  • Crown Reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Crown Lifting

  • Formative Pruning

  • Dead-Wooding

  • Coppicing

  • Pollarding

  • Root Pruning

  • Monolithing

  • Bracing

  • Retrenchment Pruning

  • Site Clearance

  • Storm Damage

  • Woodland Work

For more details regarding any of these services, or to schedule an initial site inspection at your property, please contact us.

Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists also provides a wider range of services to complement our tree surgery work.




As part of our dedication to outstanding customer service, we aim to make each of our services as easy to understand as possible. We recognise that our clients in Fleet, Farnham and the surrounding areas may find the prospect of tree surgery daunting, so we’ve taken a closer look below at what each of our services involves.


In our role as tree surgeons, we perform this service in order to reduce the spread and height of a tree’s crown.  This leaves the tree with a smaller outline without changing its overall shape. We do this by cutting branches back to carefully selected optimal growth points, removing material to a height or percentage stated by the client. Crown reductions performed by a proven tree specialist allow for easier maintenance in the future.


When performed by experienced tree surgeons, a crown thinning doesn’t change the shape or size of a tree. We carry out this tree surgery service in order to create an even foliage density in the crown, thus allowing more sunlight to pass through it. In order to achieve this result, we remove a percentage of tertiary branches from the outer crown area as agreed with the client beforehand.


As a tree specialist, we undertake crown lifting in order to increase light transmission to the immediate areas in the vicinity of trees in Fleet, Farnham and neighbouring locations. In addition, this type of tree surgery also improves access beneath the crown. We achieve these results by pruning back the lowermost branches to an agreed upon height, effectively raising the canopy.


This service consists of small-scale pruning on a young tree in order to correct any structural weakness and to establish a well-balanced growth pattern and shape.  We focus on the removal of deformed or competing branches as well as those that cross and rub against each other. As a tree specialist, we apply the appropriate cuts to suit the species at hand, ensuring ongoing healthy growth.


As the name suggests, this tree surgery service involves the removal of all dead, dying or diseased branches. These weak branches pose a significant safety risk when overhanging properties, footpaths and roads in Fleet, Farnham and the wider Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey areas.


This service reduces a juvenile shrub or tree down to a point near ground level, leaving the stump or stumps to produce vigorous basal growth. The repetition of this process allows trees to last for a longer period than those allowed to grow untouched.


The pollarding services that we provide as tree surgeons involves the removal of all growth from a tree, leaving only the framework in place. This encourages dynamic shoots from the pruned points.


As a form of reduction carried out by a tree specialist, this tree surgery work emulates the natural ageing process of trees by shedding smaller branches in favour of developing the lower crown.


This tree surgery service prunes back the roots of shrubs and trees in order to encourage the formation of new roots closer to the trunk. This proves especially valuable when transplanting an already established tree or shrub.


In our role as tree surgeons, we perform bracing in Fleet, Farnham and the surrounding areas in order to reduce the probability of a failure for one or multiple parts of a weakened tree. We install cable bracing systems around the structure to reduce the stresses of excessive movement.


As a final step before the last resort of tree felling, monolithing stabilises a decaying tree while mitigating the risk of failure. During this process, we completely remove the crown and branches, leaving behind only the stem. This remaining structure provides a valuable habitat for multiple creatures. As reputable tree surgeons, we can perform an inspection on the stem in the future to ensure its continued safety.

To read what our previous clients have said about our tree surgery services, please visit the testimonials page.

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