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Webb & Cook Arboricultural Specialists Ltd utilises 13 years of shared trade and industry experience to protect trees and keep them healthy. As a time-served tree specialist, we firmly believe in working with nature, not against it. Unfortunately, trees often suffer significant storm damage, succumb to disease and old age or grow into areas that make them a genuine safety risk. In these cases, we have to perform tree felling in order to protect the public and nearby property. In our position as reputable tree surgeons, we perform these tasks quickly, safely and with the utmost professionalism.


We perform tree felling work on hazardous trees in our hometown of Farnham as well as neighbouring Fleet, Farnborough and the surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey areas.


While we understand that certain tree safety issues may not be obvious to untrained eyes, we strongly recommend any property owners with medium-to-large sized trees on their property remain vigilant to any changes in their appearance.


The potential damage caused by a falling tree should never be underestimated. To schedule a tree inspection at your property, please contact us.


If the inspection results in unavoidable tree felling, we strongly advise one of the following:


  • Directional Felling

  • Sectional Dismantling


As the name suggest suggests, directional felling involves cutting down a whole tree in a planned direction. We perform this type of tree felling in wide open spaces where we can guarantee the safety of the general public and any property in the vicinity. As part of the overall project management we supply as your chosen tree surgeons, this includes managing access points in public spaces in Fleet, Farnham and the neighbouring areas in the lead up to, and during, the felling process.


A directional tree felling involves the application of a technique known as the directional notch, followed in turn by the felling cut.


The specific application of the directional notch differs depending on the tree species as well as its structural integrity. As a proven tree specialist, we have the ability to apply both inverse and open-face directional notches as the situation dictates.

However, we always make this cut as close to the ground possible while making sure to not exceed 15% to 20% of the breast height diameter.

With the directional notch complete, we then apply the felling cut on the opposite side of the tree, cutting inward toward the directional notch. This creates a central ‘hinge’ that consists of the unsawn, intact part of the tree. In order to perform effectively, the hinge must have a uniform thickness and a length totalling at least 80% of the tree’s diameter, again at breast height. We also ensure that the hinge’s width doesn’t exceed 10% of the tree’s diameter.


The hinge plays a vital role in safely guiding the tree down to the ground in the pre-planned direction, allowing us to conduct a tree felling with the utmost safety.






In our role as vastly experienced tree surgeons, we have the ability to adapt to the demands of any location. As such, for tree felling work in built-up areas of Fleet, Farnham and nearby Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey locations, we perform sectional dismantling. In these areas, hazardous trees often grow in close proximity to transport infrastructure, buildings, overhead cables and underground pipes. Quite simply, we cannot perform directional tree felling safely in these conditions.


Sectional dismantling involves our personnel climbing the tree at hand before using a combination of handsaws and chainsaws to remove segments, limbs and branches in a top-to-bottom process. We guarantee safety by lowering each individual piece of the tree to the ground with a controlled descent via a rigging system specially designed for the project.


Should a tree lack the strength and structural integrity to support climbing, we utilise a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) in order to gain access to the crown. As a tree specialist, we identify these situations immediately.


Our clients in Fleet, Farnham and the surrounding areas can rest assured that, as safety-conscious tree surgeons, we use eye protection, safety helmets, gloves, ropes and harnesses in full compliance with current HSE regulations.


To view examples of our full range of tree surgery and stump grinding services, please visit the gallery page.

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